CIVNET conference
6 June 2015
9:00 to 17:00

Chemical Engineering building, UCT upper campus
Cape Town Civil Society Conference
African Centre for Cities, UCT
At the Chemical Engineering building, UCT upper campus.

There are no fees for conference or transport; just bring your energies to discuss, listen and sharing.

We allow maximum two participants from each organisation and preference will be given to those who participated in The CIVNET Study. RSVP by 29 May 2015. Coffee and lunch included.

Mini-bus Taxis will pick up from 9 locations on Cape Flats:

  • Langa - Gugu Sthebe (Washington Rd next to Langa Police station)
  • Gugulethu - At police station NY1
  • Nyanga - The Nyanga Community Health Clinic (opposite bus terminus) on Sithandatu Avenue
  • Khayelitsha - Corner Mew Way and Lansdowne Road (foot of road going to N2)
  • Khayelitsha - Nganini Police Station (New 1)
  • Grassy Park - Bona Cafe (Victoria Rd Grassy Park)
  • Vrygrond - Checkout Supermarket (Cnr 6 Ave and Dunster Str Belgravia, near Klipfontein Rd)
  • Steenberg - Mosque in Concert Boulevard
  • Lavender Hill - BP garage on Prince George Drive

Let's meet.

This conference invites Cape Town’s civil society organzations to reflect and share their experiences in mobilizing and influencing the urban environment, from struggles around housing and service delivery, to the protection of habitat and biodiversity. Researchers are invited to discuss alliance building, movement formation and the democratization of urban space, including legacies from apartheid and contemporary challenges. Central is to give space for break-out groups, discussions and networking.

The CIVNET study.

The conference builds on The Cape Town CIVNET Study lead by Dr Henrik Ernstson at the African Centre for Cities at UCT. During 2013 and 2014 his research team interviewed over 120 civil society organizations about their collaboration with other organizations and the issues they mobilize on. These organizations are now invited to the conference. Other civil society organisations are also encouraged to come and will be prepared a seat if space allows. We have a big lecture hall that we hope will fit all. Political parties, private businesses or trade unions will not participate in this event.

Free transport. No costs.

To faciliate participation for everybody, we have arranged free transport services from 9 pick-up locations on Cape Flats—at 8:15 am in the morning. There are consequently no costs involved in participating. Coffee and lunch is included.

Sign up and come.

Please use the RSVP form to sign up by 29 May 2015. Note that we allow maximum two participants from each organisation and preference will be given to those who participated in The CIVNET Study. If you do not have access to Internet, call the UCT exchange at 021-6509111 and ask for Maryam Waglay or Jessica Rattle at the African Centre for Cities, UCT.

The Programme.

Speakers with research experience from Cape Town and beyond will provide background material for break-out group discussions which will feed back to the wider debate forum. We hope this will provide possibilities to discuss challenges of sustaining longterm alliances and create an autonomous civil society in Cape Town that can deepen democratic practices in our city. We also hope the conference will provide for reflection, networking and sharing and function as a celebration of those energies, people and organizations that make up our city’s vibrant and important civil society.

Speakers and break-out discussions:

Mario Diani
  • (Trento University)
  • Mobilising Across Cities in the World: Experiences and Theories of Social Movements and Alliance Building
Henrik Ernstson
  • (UCT & KTH)
  • Let's Debate Early Findings: Lessons and Questions From the Cape Town CIVNET Study
Peter Alexander
  • University of Johannesburg
  • On contemporary challenges for civil society in South Africa and its cities: from apartheid-struggle to the present situation
  • Break-out groups and reflection: There will be space for interaction, discussion and networking

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